We are conscious creators of our reality. We formulate our products with the whole in mind. We are a statement from the earth for the world. We are bringing a change in the way that you view health and the planets health.


We are all affected by each other’s choices. The choice to choose for a reason is the best you can make. Choose because it makes you feel good. Choose because it helps give back to the community and Earth. Choose because it teaches you to look a little closer into what businesses are doing on the inside.

At AW Natural, we encourage you to learn more, love more, and give more. We created each product special for a person dear to us reliving that millions of others around the world undoubtedly could benefit from the same products. We care about nutrition. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with products that help bring you back to your natural roots.

We went AW Natural because we believed in the benefits nature has to offer. The intelligence found in every plant, every life, every moment, is what makes up all of us. Join us in getting back to your roots by going AW Natural too.

We belive in quality. This means dedication to the details from the very start. Because we hold sustainability, equality, and quality at such a high level, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our 3rd party lab testing, our sourcing, our 100% natural ingredients, and our business practices. We want to educate you on the nuances of quality and show by proof why our products are the superior choice for your body and our planet.

Every ingredient we source is diligently investigated to ensure the highest quality and integrity of farming practices. Our diversity of sources allows us to support family owned farms and labs all over the country. This means the people that are involved in making the ingredients that go into your product put their passion into it to produce the best, all while taking sustainability into account.

Education is an important aspect of why we do what we do so we aim to lead by example, teaching you why each ingredient is in your bottle, and why we chose the form specifically for it’s function.

We believe that an educated consumer makes wiser choices on the companies they support which ultimately leads to a better future. Your dollars are your votes, and we want to earn yours with honesty and integrity.

Because our team has experience in the wholesale and retail side of the hemp industry, we can guarentee we have the best product on the market. We have visited farms all over the country to look for the most advanced growing techniques, genetics, and overall experience with the plant. As we’re sure you’ve heard before, not all hemp is created equal. Where some are just learning some of the benefits this plant has to offer, we’ve been studying its benefits down to specific genetics producing unique cannabinoid, terpene, and flavanoid profiles for decades. Each specific product has been researched and developed with purpose to act specifically within your body to produce the best benefit for you. We source our hemp from a farmer who has been growing cannabis nearly all his life, on a California farm with over 70 years of organic practices. From the farm, we bring our hemp to a team of extractors using an industry leading technology of solvent less extraction with steam which preserves the unique and entire profile of each of our genetic varieties, cannabinoid, terpene, and flavinoids all in one pass. This is what allows us to label our products certified organic.

Other common methods of extraction are hydrocarbon, ethanol, or CO2. Pros and cons of each being

hydrocarbon: +92% effeciency, yet some solvents may remain in the extract which can be toxic to the consumer

ethanol: 60-80% effeciency, can be considered organic but solvent remains in highest concentrtion and can effect those who may be sensitive (especially epeleptic children)

CO2: Very slow extraction process, solventless extraction however the refining of the oil typically requires a solvent, often ethanol, and can be very wasteful of resources but is a great method for cosmetics.

Aside from making our products available to those in need, we also give you the option to have 1/3 of the purchase go towards a charity working to solve some of the world’s most important problems. Water, Food, Education, and Environmental Clean-Up are the top four causes we donate to. Each charity has been consciously selected based on their leaders, past performance, and what projects our money goes to. Check them out and know you are helping make a difference!